How did she know that his eyes

How did she know that his eyes, and he had said the same thing. I do not think he is, she again tried to seduce him? Helen is not naïve seventeen year old girl in their wedding night. And not stupid enough to start over again.

In memory surfaced again his words, painfully clear, in spite of the years flashed. "I'm sorry - he said then, placing her hands on my own, obvivshiesya around his neck. - The marriage did not include sex. "

Is Paolo believes that it is once again going to go through such humiliation? He did not want her on their wedding night, and now has made it clear he does not want it now. And why, if he finally got a chance to get rid of her? She has nothing on hoping, after twelve years of residence without the slightest encouragement, except in rare Christmas cards sent from his law firm.

However, the time and the pain had no effect on appetite. Is that grind it to needle sharpness. When the last night she opened the door, the needle is reminded of himself, again and again piercing through it.

Damn, how could it happen that a man, remember that to promise many years ago, at a glance turns you to jelly? Where's the justice? Especially if all he wants - to get rid of you, to marry someone else?

Well, he deserves the award at least for so long remained faithful to his promise.

- Do not apologize - she said quietly into his back as he continued to explore the trinkets and pictures, placed front. - I'm sure you are in a hurry to finish the paperwork. Let me sign, until you drink coffee.

Yes, the coffee will be just right. Or something stronger. At least you can turn around without arousing suspicion that he was here last night, referring to get anything other than signature on documents.

He had not had a woman. Months. But he was not aware of this report, it has not yet proved that physical demand is about to break out of control.

The last twelve years have turned to Helen incredibly attractive woman. The green eyes flashing gold sparkles, sharply defined chin it inherited from his father, but his lips - full and entail. Bending to put the paper on the table, Paolo felt the scent of her body mingled with the smell of perfume.

Exceptionally well. Finally finished off the legs of his views, he accidentally discovered not so long ago. Surely now knowing that beneath her robe hardly wearing anything other than the tiny panties, he could barely suppress the urge to lay her on the bed, which she got because of his unexpected visit.

Suddenly, he wanted to know more about it. What was she doing the last twelve years? Who has?

And waiting for you that someone in bed her now?

Photos in the room about what does not speak. And no sign of the man, even someone else in the apartment.

- There's noted where you have to sign - he explained. - Are you sure I did not obespokoyu his late visit? Roommate? Buddy?

Helen looked coldly at him over the documents.