How to properly clean a dog's ears

The external auditory meatus of the animals should be cleaned when dirty with lotions that contain substances that dissolve and soften the earwax (company manufacturers Epi-Otik, Virbak, 8:1).

If an animal suffers otitis on otoscopy and physician can evaluate the integrity of the tympanic membrane, is designated as a cleanser sterile saline solution (NaCl 0 9%). The multiplicity of purification ears chooses a doctor, based on the nature and amount of discharge from the ear canal secretions.

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Clean the ears of the animal by means of your designated as follows: drip pour lotion or NaCl 0, 9% in the ear canal in the required amount without giving the animal to shake his ears, just massage the base of the ear for a few minutes, then allow the animal to shake your ears. Repeat this process to a few times until the liquid flowing out of the ear is not clear. You can then wipe gently with no pressure to clean the outer ear from the left on her outflows. Thus, the ear canal is cleaned naturally.

Do not clean the ear canal with cotton sticks, swabs, etc. Not recommended to fill in the ear canal irritating liquid, such as hydrogen peroxide, etc. dioksidina All of this contributes to the development and strengthening of symptoms of otitis media?

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of treatment for ear infections by 80% dependent on the accuracy and thoroughness of the major reorganization of the ear canal.