How to care for legs and claws

State of the dog's paws should be checked regularly. First of all it concerns the claws that develop, produce animal considerable inconvenience. This may lead to deformation of tines so-called "promiscuity," and lameness. Typically, such problems occur in dogs sedentary or those that are not able to grind down the nails on the asphalt. However, some dogs get rid of the long claws, they simply gnawing.

In order to cut dog nails kogterezki use. This tool for canine manicure sold in any pet store . To do this procedure should be extremely careful not to touch the bloodstream claw and not hurt the animal. If a dog has bright claws, you will simply need to determine the size of the tip of the claw trimming. Such dogs can see a blood vessel inside the claw, which should not hurt.

Как ухаживать за лапами и когтями Do not forget about the paws. It is necessary to carefully choose all foreign objects that may damage the dog fingers, such as broken glass, lumps of earth, seeds. Matted fur between the toes should be periodically clip out the scissors with rounded tips. This is especially important in winter, when the wool can namerznut snow.

To remove a dog's paws oil or tar, you must first treat them well with sunflower oil or animal fat that will have a softening effect on the skin, and then wipe with a suitable solvent. Walking through winter streets are nice, but pose a threat to the dog-leg. Salt on sidewalks eats pads and leads to painful cracks and sores, brittle claws. To avoid this, try to walk the dog in the snow, and went home to wash her feet. As a preventive measure, protect paws and claws of your pet any greasy ointment, such as petroleum jelly or a special wax for legs .
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